Monday, April 28, 2008

We are Spreading the Message!

We have been featured on Leading Tertiary Education website -

This is part of our collective Responsibility to Spread the Message that:

1) We can SAVE our Energy Costs! With Sustainable Systems!

2) We can SAVE our Environment Efficiently and Effectively!

3) We can and are READY to Save our Environment Anytime with our Application!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Let's get technical!

Let's have a look at what the "Sustainable System" consist of:

1. Sustainable Administrator
Are you the boss of a company? You definitely want to know
more about this software application! :)

2. Sustainable Client
Every employee can now help the world be sustainable
very easily.

3. Sustainable Systems Mobile
You cell phone is now intelligent too!!

4. Hardware interface with "no-shock" guaranteed! ;)
We guarantee that whatever you do with our hardware, you will not get electrocuted.

Please stay tuned, because a lot of secrets are going to be revealed here sooooooon.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

'The Project' as a Hard-Thought Solution

Coming up with the complete solution to Sustain the Environment is not an easy task. Throughout the experience, our team members have experienced all these Emotional Experiences:

- Happy
- Excited
- Relieved
- Joy
- Appreciation
- Hope

- Frustration
- Anger
- Disappointment
- Confusion
- Hopelessness

All these emotional traits signify the hard efforts put in by Team Sustainable Systems AUT, to develop a totally new project from Day 1 until the Day of its Succession!

We may have argued and celebrated on successes and setbacks from time to time, but reflecting upon the Importance of such Project towards the Environment, we decided to Give It All We Got!

Lets Innovate a Winning Project, while Striving to Work on a Culturally and Ideally Diversified Team!

Teamwork At Its Finest!

The Microsoft Imagine Cup not only provide an avenue for Young Engineers and Programmers to express their Ideas, Innovations and Creativity to Save the World in its various Missions ---

--- But, we Team Sustainable Systems also believe in how Powerful and Enriching Such Competition can be to Empower Us to Develop Leadership, Teamwork and Networking skills, all under one same vision - To Innovate To Sustain the Environment!

Who Is Wasting Energy?

Who is Wasting the Most Energy?

The general public would be persuaded with the fact that MAYBE, home users are the biggest energy wasters. Well, have a look at the various screenshots taken below, ranging from the most populated cities in the world, to prestigious central business districts around the globe.

It is obvious - Businesses Waste More Power. We would let the Pictures express our concerns for Businesses Wasting Power, primarily through their Offices.

Our Vision and Our Hardwork

Team Sustainable Systems is dedicated to engineer and implement practical technologies that would help, humans control, sustain and be aware of the importance of Sustaining the Environment and its Resources for the Betterment of Mankind.

The Sustainable Systems team from AUT has put in a lot of hardwork and effort in creating a totally new innovative solution from scratch, in response to the challenge of the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2008 Competition.

However, after working on the project for several months, the team found another Passion. A Passion to Champion to the Microsoft Imagine Cup both at the National and Global stage was still the primary goal for any High-Achiever in the team, HOWEVER, now they too realize the Importance of Making their Project Applicable and Functional for any ordinary citizens to use in the near future.

They realized that 'Saving the World should Never Wait for the Day of Tomorrow, but rather It Should START NOW!'

Welcome to Sustainable Systems

A team of dedicated, innovative and creative students from Auckland University of Technology, founded their first project - Office Of the Future.

The team, code-named: Team Sustainable Systems, aims to function as the incubation platform for innovations that thrives on the verge to Sustain and Preserve our Environment, while Maxmising Users' Control and Effectiveness over Waste.