Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Vision and Our Hardwork

Team Sustainable Systems is dedicated to engineer and implement practical technologies that would help, humans control, sustain and be aware of the importance of Sustaining the Environment and its Resources for the Betterment of Mankind.

The Sustainable Systems team from AUT has put in a lot of hardwork and effort in creating a totally new innovative solution from scratch, in response to the challenge of the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2008 Competition.

However, after working on the project for several months, the team found another Passion. A Passion to Champion to the Microsoft Imagine Cup both at the National and Global stage was still the primary goal for any High-Achiever in the team, HOWEVER, now they too realize the Importance of Making their Project Applicable and Functional for any ordinary citizens to use in the near future.

They realized that 'Saving the World should Never Wait for the Day of Tomorrow, but rather It Should START NOW!'

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