Tuesday, April 15, 2008

'The Project' as a Hard-Thought Solution

Coming up with the complete solution to Sustain the Environment is not an easy task. Throughout the experience, our team members have experienced all these Emotional Experiences:

- Happy
- Excited
- Relieved
- Joy
- Appreciation
- Hope

- Frustration
- Anger
- Disappointment
- Confusion
- Hopelessness

All these emotional traits signify the hard efforts put in by Team Sustainable Systems AUT, to develop a totally new project from Day 1 until the Day of its Succession!

We may have argued and celebrated on successes and setbacks from time to time, but reflecting upon the Importance of such Project towards the Environment, we decided to Give It All We Got!

Lets Innovate a Winning Project, while Striving to Work on a Culturally and Ideally Diversified Team!

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